Thaen Nellikai | Honey Amla

 Thaen Nellikai | Honey Amla

Thaen Nellikai

Amla , also known as Indian gooseberry or (Nellikai in Tamil), is a miraculous fruit that offers a plethora of health benefits. Ayurveda acknowledges its potent rasayana (rasa means elixir and ayana means path or home )properties (ie, rejuvenating tonic),and utilizes its healing abilities to treat various diseases.Amla can be enjoyed in a variety of forms, like Amla candies, pickles, powder, honey soaked Amla or juice.

Recently, the trend of consuming honey soaked amla also known as Thaen Nelli or then nellikai (Thaen/ then refers to honey and nellikai refers to amla in Tamil )on an empty stomach has become increasingly popular due to its numerous health benefits. Amla is a potent source of vitamin C and is packed with antioxidants, making it a highly sought-after fruit for enhancing immunity. Many people believe that kickstarting their day with one amla soaked in honey can improve nutrient absorption and support digestive health.

The unique blend of sweet, sour, and tangy flavors in amla can be a bit overwhelming for some people when eaten raw. But mixing amla with honey is a great way to make it more enjoyable if you're not a fan of its raw taste. Honey adds a touch of sweetness that helps balance out the sourness of amla. Plus, honey has its own set of health perks, like fighting off germs and calming a sore throat.

By pairing amla with honey, you can still reap all the amazing benefits of amla, like boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, and keeping your hair and skin looking fabulous. And on top of that, honey brings its own antibacterial properties and throat-soothing effects .

Preparing this miracle mixture is quite simple, firstly wash and clean the Amlas well, then steam it for 5-7 minutes, later cool it completely without any moisture. Then transfer to sterilised glass bottle and add required honey making sure to mix well to coat the Amla completely with honey.Next cover it with a clean muslin cloth and keep in sunlight for 5-7 days.

To maximise the health benefits of this miracle mixture it is advised to consume one honey soaked Amla everyday on empty stomach.

Check out how to make this traditional Thaen Nelli recipe below.


Amla | Nellikai-250 gms or 10-12 nos
Honey -250 gms or as required 

Thaen Nellikai Recipe Video 


👉Wash and clean the Amla well.

👉Steam it for 5-7 minutes in a steamer.

👉Allow it to cool down completely, wipe off any moisture and make sure the nellikai is completely dry.Prick holes  on all the sides of the Amla.

👉Transfer to sterilised dry glass bottle, add required honey enough to cover the Amla, mix well.

👉Cover with a clean muslin cloth and keep it in sunlight for 5 to 7 days, making sure to mix them every day.

👉After 5-7 days the nellikai will change colour and honey would become slightly watery because of the amla.

👉Consume 1 nellikai along with the soaked honey everyday.

Preparation Time-15 minutes , 5 -7 days fermentation 

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