Instant Set Dosa | Sponge Dosa

 Instant Set Dosa | Sponge Dosa

Instant Set dosa | Sponge Dosa

Instant set dosa or sponge dosa is a quick and easy South Indian breakfast dish that does not require fermentation. Made with ingredients like semolina (rava), flattened rice (poha), curd, and Eno fruit salt or baking soda as leavening agent , this dosa is fluffy and spongy (hence the name), perfect for a quick meal. To make instant sponge dosa, grind all the ingredients (except baking soda) to smooth batter, let it sit for 15 minutes, add Eno fruit salt or baking soda mix well adjust consistency , and cook on a griddle or dosa tawa until golden brown.

Tips for making the perfect instant sponge dosa include using fresh curd, adjusting the batter consistency, not overmixing after adding Eno fruit salt or baking soda , and cooking on medium heat. Variations include adding chopped vegetables or melted butter to the batter and serving with chutneys, sambar, or potato curry. Instant sponge dosa is a convenient and delicious alternative to traditional dosa, suitable for busy mornings or weekday breakfasts. Enjoy this quick and fluffy South Indian delight in just minutes.Check out this yummy sponge dosa or set dosa recipe below.


Rava (Semolina) -1 cup
Flattened rice/Poha (Aval)-1/2 cup
Curd-1/2 cup
Salt -3/4 tsp
Baking soda or ENO fruit salt -1/4 tsp
Oil (optional )

Instant Set Dosa / Sponge Dosa Recipe Video 


👉In a mixer jar add rava , washed aval or poha, curd , required salt and little water and grind to smooth batter and transfer to a mixing bowl and set aside for 15-20 minutes.

👉Add baking soda or eno fruit salt to the batter and mix gently.

👉Heat a dosa tawa and pour a ladlefull of batter and gently spread in circular motion to make slightly thick dosa. Cook covered for 2-4 minutes. Donot flip the dosa. Once the dosa becomes golden brown and cooked completely remove from the tawa.

👉Repeat with rest of the batter.
👉Serve hot with coconut chutney, sambar,  tomato chutney, vadacurry etc.

👉Enjoy 😋.

Preparation Time-20 mins
Yield -6-8 dosas depending on size

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