Adhirasam Recipe | Athirasam | Ariselu | Kajjaaya

 Adhirasam recipe |  Athirasam| Ariselu | Kajjaaya 


Adhirasam is a very traditional and popular South Indian sweet prepared during festivals like Diwali, Dusshera and Sankranti in various parts of India.
Adhirasam is made with processed rice flour and jaggery and deep-fried in oil. It is also called Ariselu in Telugu and Kajjaaya in Kanada. It is a bit tricky sweet for beginners but don't worry follow the tips and step by step procedure given below and you can pull it off perfectly. Check out how to make adhirasam below.


1.Paagu vellam(a variety of jaggery) is a must.
2. The processed rice flour should be slightly wet and immediately mixed with jaggery syrup when it attains soft ball consistency.
3. To check softball consistency keep little water in a bowl ready after crossing 2 string stage keep adding a drop of Paagu into the water when it holds its shape and can be made to a softball the Paagu is ready immediately remove from fire.
4. The consistency of the Paagu is very important so do it carefully.
5. The dough should be a bit loose and not hard. if the dough is hard add little warm milk( not water) and knead it to make it soft.if the dough is loose add a little wheat flour only.
6. Resting of the dough is very very important. The more it rests the more flavourful the Adhirasam will be.
For home made processed rice flour Click here


Homemade Processed Rice flour-1 cup
Grated Jaggery(Paagu vellam)-1 cup
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Oil for frying
Water-1/4 cup


👉First, grate the jaggery using a vegetable grater.

👉In a heavy bottom vessel add jaggery and water bring it to a boil so that all jaggery dissolves, then remove from fire strain it and again keep the cleaned jaggery back on heat,allow it to boil and bring it to soft ball consistency.

👉Immediately remove from fire and quickly add the processed rice flour to it and mix everything well swiftly. Do not make the mixture too hard it should be slightly loose so add the flour accordingly.

👉Once you have mixed everything well close it tightly with a lid and allow it to rest for 24  hours or at least overnight.
Then the next day take equal sized ball out off the dough.

👉Then grease a Ziploc bag or Plantain leaf with oil place one ball of the dough and spread it out to thick poori shape.

👉Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying,once its hot slow the flame and gently slide the dough.Do not disturb for few minutes.
Cook it by flipping the sides occasionally until golden brown colour is reached.

👉Once you take the adhirasam out of the oil immediately place it in the adhirasam presser and press it to drain the excess oil. If you don't have a presser you can press it in-between two flat ladles .

👉Then place each adhirasam separately on a plate until it cools.
👉Store it in a airtight container by arranging small cleaned twigs at the bottom and then placing the Adhirasam on top of it (this is a very traditional method done to drain excess oil while storing) or you can store normally.

Yield -7-10 nos depending on size.

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