Homemade Khoya( Khova) | Homemade Mawa

Homemade Khoya | Homemade Mawa 

Home made Khoya

Khoya or mawa is just milk solids made by evaporating the moisture in the milk completely by slowly cooking it .This khoya or mawa forms the base for many Indian milk sweets .But nowadays many people don't make khoya at home because of its lengthy time consuming process even though the method is easy.Trust me if you use this home made khoya in making sweets you will definitely love it.Check out how to make homemade khoya or mawa recipe below.


Milk-1 litre (preferably high fat milk)


👉In a kadai or vessel pour the milk bring it to boil and allow it to reduce to 1/2 litre.

👉Keep Stirring continuously in a low flame push the fat that accumulate on the sides into the centre.

👉After some time you will get thick ball of khoya.

👉Remove from fire . Allow it to cool and store in a airtight container k
👉Keep it in the fridge(not in freezer) use when needed.


✍️For 1 litre milk I got approximately 200 gms of khoya.
If you use high fat milk you will get more khoya.
Here I used only regular 3.5 % fat milk.

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