Homemade Processed Rice Flour

Homemade Processed Rice Flour

Homemade Processed Rice Flour

Processed rice flour is generally used for making traditional South Indian sweets and savouries. The procedure for making this homemade processed rice flour is very simple.You just have to wash and soak the raw rice for just 15 mins(not more than that) and allow it to dry in shade(not under sunlight or under fan) and when it has dried 3/4 and has very little moisture you have to grind it finely to a smooth powder then seive it and allow it to cool completely then store in airtight container .Use this flour for making traditional sweets like adhirasam,sweet seedai, kozhukattai etc and savouries like murukku, thattai,uppu seedai,pidi kozhukattai etc.. Check out how to make traditional home made processed rice flour recipe below.


Plain raw rice-1 kg


👉Clean the rice wash it thoroughly and soak for 15 mins.
👉Drain the rice in a colander.
👉Now dry the rice by spreading it on a clean muslin cloth in shade.(donot dry it in sun or under the fan)

👉When the rice is 3/4 th dried and has very little moisture grind it into a fine powder in a mixie or in flour mill(Machine).
👉Sieve the flour and cool it in a plate or thambalam.
👉When the flour is fully dried store it in a airtight container.
👉This can be stored for a month.
👉Murukku,thattai , seedai and adhirasam give best results with this flour than the plain rice flour.

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