Milagu Thattai | Pepper Thattai | Thattai recipe

Milagu Thattai | Pepper Thattai | Thattai 

Milagu Thattai or Pepper Thattai or Thattai

Thattai is a very traditional crunchy South Indian snack variety made with processed rice flour,urad dal flour,butter, pepper etc..It is a very simple snack and can be done very quickly. There are different varieties of thattai like garlic thattai,pepper thattai etc. Here I have posted pepper thattai recipe. 


Homemade Processed rice flour-1cup
Roasted urad dal flour(varutha ulundu maavu) or fried gram dhal flour-1 tbsp
Butter-2 tsps
Pepper powder-1tbsp
Bengal gram dhal-1 tbsp
Fried gram dhal-1tbsp
Roasted and broken groundnuts- 1tbsp
Asafatida a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


👉First soak the bengal gram dhal and fried gram dhal for 10 mins.
👉Mix both the flours, salt, butter, asafoetida, pepper powder,the soaked dhals and roasted groundnuts together.then add 2 tbps of hot oil into it and mix the flours carefully.
👉Add water little by little to make a firm dough set aside for 5 mins.

👉Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.
👉Now take a small lemon sized dough and place it on top of butter paper/aluminium foil/greased plastic sheet and make into small poori shapes using the fingers or press it gently using the back of flat cup.Make sure you press it evenly .Now poke holes into the thattai all over to prevent it from puffing up like poori.

👉Deep fry them till golden brown and remove from fire when oil stops bubbling.
👉Drain the excess oil using a absorbant paper.

👉Store it in air tight container.

Preparation Time-45 minutes 


✍️You can make kara thattai by adding a tsp of red chilli powder instead of pepper powder.
✍️DONOT use ordinary rice flour as it will soften the thattai very soon and the thattai wont be hard. 

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