Wheat Flour Idli | Gothumai Maavu Idli

 Wheat Flour Idli | Gothumai Maavu Idli

Wheat Flour Idli

Wheat Flour Idli (also known as Gothumai Maavu idli in Tamil), a wholesome and flavorful variation of the traditional South Indian Idli, is gaining popularity for its nutritious and easy-to-make nature.
If you're a fan of idlis but looking for a  twist, wheat flour idli might just be your new bae. This Gothumai Maavu idli is an instant idli variety meaning that it requires no fermentation like regular idli and is made using wheat flour instead of the usual rice and are a nutritious and delicious alternative.

For making wheat flour idli, you'll need staples like whole wheat flour, curd, water, salt, and a leavening agent like baking soda. First dry roast the wheat flour until aromatic then mix together with curd, water, salt, and any additional flavorings until you have a smooth idli batter consistency.Add a basic tempering of mustard seeds, urad dal , green chillies, ginger and carrots.Let it sit for a bit to let the flavors mingle .

Pour the batter into greased idli mould or plates and steam them for about 12-15 minutes until they're cooked through. Once done, serve them hot with your favorite chutney or sambar and enjoy the fluffy goodness.

These wheat flour idlis pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. With the goodness of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals, they make for a wholesome meal option.Wheat flour is a good source of complex carbohydrates, which provide sustained energy.

Wheat Flour Idli offers a delightful and nutritious twist to the classic idli recipe, making it a versatile and wholesome meal option for all. With its simple preparation process, customizable ingredients, and healthful attributes, this dish is sure to become a favorite in your culinary repertoire. Whether enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Wheat Flour Idli embodies the richness of Indian cuisine while catering to modern dietary preferences.Check out how to make these delicious instant wheat flour idli recipe below.


Whole wheat flour-2 cups
Curd-1/2 cup
Carrot -1/2 cup
Salt to taste 
Mustard seeds-3/4 tsp
Urad dal -1 tbsp
Bengal gram dal -1 tbsp
Cumin seeds -1/2 tsp
Ginger-1 inch piece
Green chillies -3 nos
Baking soda-1/2 tsp 
Curry leaves -few
Coriander leaves 
Oil-2 tsps 

Wheat Flour Idli Recipe Video 


👉Dry roast the wheat flour in medium heat for 2 minutes until you get a nice aromatic nutty smell and colour changes lightly, transfer to a bowl and allow it to cool down completely.

👉Now in a pan heat oil add mustard seeds, urad dal, Bengal gram dal, cumin seeds, curry leaves allow it to splutter .

👉Next add green chillies, ginger, carrots and sauté well and allow this tempering to cool down.

👉Now in the wheat flour add required salt, curd, water and mix well without any lumps and bring to dosa batter consistency.Now add in the tempering mix well.Allow this batter to rest for 10 minutes.

👉Add baking soda and coriander leaves and mix well.

👉Grease idli plates with oil, pour a ladle full of batter in each mould.

👉Steam cook the idlis for 12-15 minutes.

👉Once cooked allow the idlis to cool a bit then demould.

👉Serve hot with chutney and sambar. 


Preparation Time-30 minutes 
Yield -13-15 idlis depending on size

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