Kara Dosai | Besan Flour Dosa | Kadalai Maavu Dosai

Kara Dosai | Besan Flour Dosa | Kadalai Maavu Dosai  

Kara Dosai | Besan flour dosa

Kara Dosai or besan flour dosa is a delicious alternative for regular dosa recipe.If you are pressed for time and want to quickly whip up a breakfast for busy mornings then this is the recipe for you.While traditional dosas are made with a mixture of rice and lentil batter which are fermented,this Kara Dosai is very unique and simple as it uses Besan flour( kadalai maavu in Tamil ) and rice flour as main ingredients and does not need any fermentation.
With its crispy texture and golden colour and mouthwatering nutty spicy taste this Kara Dosai offers a unique twist to the traditional dosa variety .
Besan flour which is derived from ground chickpeas(Bengal gram dal) has long been a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine.It is known for its high protein content, gluten free nature and nutty flavour.
The process of making this Kara Dosai is very simple and  requires mixing all the ingredients together along with required water to smooth batter consistency that allows easy spreading on hot dosa tawa.The dosas are then cooked both sides until golden brown colour and crisp . 
These besan flour dosas are best enjoyed with coconut chutney, mint chutney or sambar.
Check out how to make this delicious traditional Kara Dosai recipe below.


Besan flour (kadalai maavu)-2 cups
Rice flour -1 cup
Red chilli powder -3/4-1 Tsp
Asafoetida-1/8 tsp 
Salt-to taste 
Cumin seeds -1 1/2 Tsps
Curry leaves -few
Oil -as required 

Recipe Video 


👉In a mixing bowl add besan flour , rice flour, red chilli powder, asafoetida, salt, curry leaves and mix well .

👉Add water little by little and make a slightly thin dosa batter consistency. Check for salt.

👉Add cumin seeds mix well.

👉Heat dosa tawa and pour ladleful of batter on it and make dosas. Drizzle oil and cook on both sides until golden brown colour and crisp.

👉Enjoy crispy spicy Kara dosa with chutney n sambar .

Note :

✍️Make sure to check the consistency of the batter every time before you make dosas as it tends to thicken quickly, so adjust by adding little water.

Preparation time- 15 minutes 
Yield-10-12 dosas

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