Chettinad Therakkal

 Chettinad Therakkal 

Chettinad Therakkal

Chettinad Therakkal is a traditional delicacy from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. It is a popular dish known for its unique blend of spices, tangy flavor, and rich texture. The word "therakkal" means gravy or sauce in Tamil, and this dish is known for its thick and creamy consistency that coats the vegetables cooked with.

Chettinad cuisine is renowned for its bold and complex flavors, and Chettinad Therakkal is no exception. The dish typically features a variety of spices, including cinnamon, fennel seeds, cumin and poppy seeds .These spices are ground into a paste along with fresh coconut.The onions , tomatoes and garlic, which is then added to the dish to give it its unique flavor.I have cooked this dish entirely in pressure cooker and used brinjals and potatoes for this recipe.

Chettinad Therakkal can be made with a variety of vegetables, including eggplant, okra, potatoes, and beans.It is best suited for idli, dosa, Idiyappam, appam, poori chapati and even steamed rice.Chettinad Therakkal is a hearty and satisfying dish that is perfect for a family meal or a special occasion.

Check out how to make this delicious traditional Chettinad Therakkal recipe below.


For Masala

Cumin seeds-1 Tsp
Fennel seeds-1 Tsp
Poppy seeds (khus khus )-1 Tsp
Fried gram dal (pottukadalai)-1-2 Tbsps
Red chillies-6-8 nos
Grated coconut-1/2 cup

Other ingredients

Brinjal-4-6 nos (diced to cubes)
Potatoes-2-3 nos (skin removed and diced to cubes)
Onion -2 nos chopped 
Tomato-1-2 nos chopped 
Crushed garlic-4 nos
Cinnamon-2 nos
Fennel Seeds-1/2 Tsp 
Salt to taste 
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Curry leaves-few
Coriander leaves-few
Oil-2 Tbsps

Recipe Video 


👉Grind the ingredients given for masala to fine paste adding very little water set aside.

👉Heat oil in a pressure cooker add cinnamon, fennel seeds, curry leaves and sauté well.

👉Add crushed garlic, onion and sauté well.

👉Add tomatoes and sauté.

👉Next add potatoes and brinjal and sauté for a minute.

👉Add turmeric powder, required salt and ground masala paste and mix well and sauté for a minute.

👉Add 1 1/2 cups of water and pressure cook for 2 whistles switch off the gas and allow pressure to subside.

👉Open the cooker and again switch on the gas and boil to desired consistency (Note :the gravy will thicken over time so adjust consistency accordingly .Moreover if you are using this gravy for idli , dosa or other tiffin varieties it should be slightly watery).

👉Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and curry leaves and switch off the gas.

👉Serve hot .

Preparation time-30 minutes 

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