Badam Halwa | Almond Halwa

 Badam Halwa | Almond Halwa

Badam Halwa | Almond Halwa

Badam Halwa is a rich and indulgent dessert that is popular in many parts of India and the Middle East. It is made with almonds, sugar, ghee, and a variety of other ingredients that vary depending on the recipe. The almonds are ground into a fine paste and then cooked with sugar, ghee, and other ingredients to create a soft and creamy halwa.

One of the standout features of Badam Halwa is its luxurious texture. The ground almonds give the halwa a smooth and velvety consistency, while the ghee adds richness and depth of flavor. The sugar gives the halwa its sweet taste, while other ingredients like cardamom, saffron, and rose water (I have not added these but you are welcome to do so)add layers of flavor and aroma.

Badam Halwa is often served at special occasions and celebrations, such as weddings ,birthdays and festivals. It is also a popular dessert during the winter months, as the ghee and nuts provide warmth and energy. The halwa can be served hot or cold, and is often garnished with chopped nuts and dried fruit for added texture and flavor.

There are many variations of the Badam Halwa recipe, with some versions being more time-consuming and labor-intensive than others. Some recipes call for soaking the badam overnight and peeling the almonds before grinding them, while others use blanched almonds (like this recipe below)to save time. The cooking process  requires constant stirring to prevent the halwa from burning or sticking to the pan.

Despite the time and effort required to make Badam Halwa, it is worth it for the end result: a creamy, nutty, and utterly delicious dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. With the right recipe and a little bit of patience, you can create a truly memorable and delectable dessert that is sure to impress your friends and family.

 Tips to make perfect badam halwa-

✍️grind the badam to slightly coarse paste it should have that light grainy texture and not be too smooth.
✍️You can add milk or water to grind the badam,
✍️Cooking the badam paste in medium flame by continuously stirring is a must please do not leave it unattended as it tends to burn easily.
✍️Add sugar only after the badam is cooked ,you ‘ll get a nice nutty aroma and the colour and texture will change somewhat khoya consistency (it be become crumbly) now only you should add the sugar.
✍️Make sure to dissolve the sugar completely .
✍️Adding saffron soaked milk is a must , it not only imparts nice golden yellow colour but it also makes the badam halwa even more flavourful. 
✍️I didn’t add any cardamom powder, artificial food colour or badam essence but you are welcome to do so if you like.

Check out how to make this delicious badam halwa recipe below .


Badam-1 cup soaked overnight or at least 2 hours in hot water and peeled 

Milk-1/2-3/4 cup

Sugar-3/4 cup

Ghee-1/2 cup

Saffron -10-12 strands soaked in 1 Tbsp warm milk 

Recipe Video 


👉Soak the badam overnight or at least for 2 hours in hot water , remove skin and transfer to a mixie jar .

👉Add 1/2 cup milk and grind to slightly coarse paste.

👉Heat 2 Tsps ghee in a kadai and smear it all over the kadai.

👉Keep the flame in medium throughout and now add the badam paste and mix well. Keep stirring continuously in medium flame . (Note :if the mixture is too thick add little milk).

👉Keep adding ghee in regular intervals.

👉After about 10-15 minutes you will get a khoya like consistency , now add the sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves completely. The mixture will become gooey and then thickens.

👉Keep stirring continuously and then after 5 mins add saffron soaked milk and mix everything well.The Halwa would get a nice golden yellow colour and start to thicken  and leave the sides of the kadai and form a mass.

👉Switch off the stove and make sure to take the badam halwa in slightly gooey consistency as it will thicken after some time and also makesure to use all the given quantity of ghee.

👉Allow the badam halwa to cool down completely before store in a clean airtight container.

👉This badam halwa remains good for 3-4 days in room temperature itself and can be refrigerated for a week.

 👉Enjoy delicious melt in the mouth traditional badam halwa.😊 

Preparation time-30-40 mins


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