Kesar Peda | Instant Kesar Peda with khoya and condensed milk

Kesar Peda | Instant Kesar Peda With Khoya And Condensed Milk

Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda is a delicious traditional Indian sweet or mithai variety. It is made by combining khoya or mawa with condensed milk and flavoured with saffron (Kesar) and cardamom powder. This Kesar Peda recipe is a quick version of the regular doodh peda or milk peda or palkova  where instead of preparing mawa from scratch (that is from reducing the milk )we use ready made Khoya or mawa and also we are replacing sugar with condensed milk. This process is very simple quick and easy method and is perfect for beginners. Try out this yummy and super easy to make Kesar Peda recipe below .


Unsweetened khoya -200 gms

Condensed milk-200 ml or use less according to you taste

Saffron strings-10-12 soaked in 2 Tbsps of warm milk

Cardamom powder-1/4 Tsp 

Salt a pinch 

Ghee -2 Tbsps or as required 

Recipe Video 


👉In a kadai heat 1 Tbsp ghee keep in medium flame , add grated  or crumbled unsweetened khoya , condensed milk, saffron soaked milk , cardamom powder, a pinch of salt and mix everything until well combined without any lumps. The mixture will become gooey and then thicken.

👉Continue to keep stirring in medium flame until the mixture thickens and forms a non sticky mass. (It takes about 5-7 mins ).

👉Transfer to a mixing bowl and allow it to cool down a bit until you can handle it.

👉Now grease your palms with ghee and take lemon sized ball of the mixture and gently flatten it a bit and press it with peda stamp. If you don’t have a peda stamp simply make a small pit in the centre and shape the pedas.

👉You can garnish with finely chopped pista and few saffron strings.

👉Store in clean airtight container.

Preparation Time-20 mins

Yield -11-12 pedas depending on size

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