Sarkara Varatti | Sarkara Upperi | Jaggery coated banana chips

 Sarkara varatti | Sarkara upperi | Kerala style jaggery coated banana chips

Sarkara varatti ,sarkara upperi, jaggery coated banana chips

Sarkara varatti or sarkara upperi is a traditional, authentic and absolutely delicious sweet chips made with raw plantain and
jaggery and is a must have dish during Onam Sadya.This Sarkara varatti is considered one of the famous snack in Kerala.Check out how to make this traditional Kerala Sarkara varatti or sarkara upperi recipe below.


Raw plantain -2 nos
Jaggery -1/2-3/4 cup
Dry ginger powder -1-2 tsps
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder 1/2-1 tsp
Powdered sugar -1 Tbsp
Water -1/4 cup

Recipe Video 


👉Peel the skin of the plantain, wash and  first cut lengthwise in the middle then cut into small 1 inch thick bite sized pieces crosswise.Soak in turmeric water for 10 mins( this is optional) .Drain water completely and wash the plantain.

👉Now remove moisture from the plantain completely by wiping it with kitchen towel or tissue paper .

👉Deep fry in oil in Medium Flame for 20-30 mins until the plantain gets cooked completely becomes crispy , colour changes and the bubbling of oil stops .Drain to tissue paper.Allow the plantain to cool for 1-2 hours .

👉Heat kadai add jaggery and 1/ 4 cup water and melt the jaggery completely.Strain to remove impurities .Again heat the jaggery syrup .

👉Add dry ginger powder,cumin powder,cardamom powder mix well.Bring the jaggery syrup to 1 string consistency.

👉Add the fried plantain .Mix well.Make sure the jaggery coats the plantain completely.
Continue to cook in low flame until all the jaggery dries up.

👉Keep adding powdered sugar inbetween to coat the plantain this will help the pieces to be separated.

👉Once all the moisture is absorbed and the plantain is crispy, crunchy and dry remove from fire and cool completely before storing in airtight container.
👉Delicious sarkara varatti or sarkara upperi is ready to enjoy.😋

Preparation Time -1 hour

Note -

✍️Instead of sugar you can use rice flour to coat the upperi.
✍️You have to cook the plantain only in medium low flame for 20-30 mins then only it will be cooked completely and the chips will stay crisp for long time.
✍️Make sure you completely cool the fried plantain before adding to the jaggery syrup.Otherwise it will be soggy and not crisp.
✍️Adjust the sweetness ,and quantity of the ginger power according to your taste preference.

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