Paan Ladoo

Paan Ladoo

Paan ladoo

Paan ladoo is a yummy Indian instant ladoo variety made with an outer layer of desiccated coconut, betel leaves, and condensed milk and an inner filling made with gulkund (rose petals jam), tutti-frutti nuts. This paan ladoo is very easy to prepare and can be done very quickly and of course, tastes absolutely delicious. For this recipe, I have used ready-made desiccated coconut and gulkund. Learn how to make this tasty paan ladoo below.


Desiccated coconut -1 cup +(1/2 cup for coating )
Milk maid -1/2 cup
Betel leaves -5 nos chopped fine
Green food colour -1/8 tsp
Ghee -2 tbsps

 For stuffing

Gulkund-1/4 cup
Cashews - 1 tbsp chopped fine
Tutti-frutti-1 tbsp
Cherries -1 tbsp chopped fine


 Outer layer-

👉Heat ghee in a kadai add desiccated coconut, milkmaid, food colour and chopped betel leaves and mix well saute for 2-4 mins. Remove from the fire set aside.

For stuffing-

👉Simultaneously in a small pan add gulkund saute for few seconds then add in the tutti-frutti, cashews, cherries and sauté for few more seconds, remove from fire allow it to cool a bit.

For making ladoos-

👉Grease your palms with little ghee take lemon sized balls from the coconut mixture make a pit in the centre keep a tsp of filling close it and make ladoo shape.

👉Roll the ladoos in desiccated coconut, chill and serve.

Yield -10-12 ladoos
Preparation Time -20 mins

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