Mexican Rice

Mexican rice

Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is very easy to make flavourful rice variety. Traditionally this rice is cooked using brown rice and in chicken broth but I have cooked this in our regular basmati rice (you can saute the rice until light brown colour and then cook it)and being a vegetarian I have avoided using chicken broth too. If you like you can cook the rice in vegetable broth. Other than these minor tweakings I have managed to use all the other basic this is basically my version of the Mexican rice. So check out how to make this tasty Mexican rice below.


Basmati rice -1 1/2 cups cooked
Onions -2 nos chopped
Garlic- 6-8 cloves chopped fine or crushed
Capsicum -1 no chopped
Rajma (Field beans)-1/4 cup cooked
Sweet corn -1/4 cup cooked
Tomato puree / ketchup-2 tbsps
Red chilly flakes-1 -2 tsps
Oregano -1 tsp
Pepper powder -1-2 tsps
Basil leaves few
Salt to taste
Oil -1 tbsp


👉Cook the basmati rice and set aside.
👉Cook the rajma (soaked overnight) set aside.
👉Boil the corn and set aside.
👉Heat oil in a kadai add chopped or crushed garlic and saute it well until the colour changes to light brown.

👉Next add the onions and saute well until its translucent.

👉Add the capsicum cook until its 3/4 th done.

👉Add the tomato puree/ ketchup cook for 2 mins.

👉Add the cooked rajma and corn .

👉Add the red chilly flakes,oregano,pepper powder,salt mix well.

👉Finally add the cooked basmati rice and combine everything well and cook for 2-4 mins.

👉Garnish with basil leaves serve hot.


✍️If you don't have red chillies flakes grind some red chillies in mixie coarsely and use it.
✍️Oregano is easily available in all super markets but if you don't have it you can avoid it .
✍️Even dried basil leaves are available in the market you can use that too for extra flavour.

Preparation time -30 mins
Serves -4-6

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