Mango Lemonade

Mango Lemonade

Mango lemonade

Mango lemonade is one of the most simplest and tastiest mango drink which can be made in a jiffy . A best way to quench your thirst during a hot sunny day.


Mango-1 no (any variety)
Lemon juice-1/4 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup
Water-2 cups


👉Wash and scrape the outer skin of the mango,cut into  cubes ,blend it to a paste in a mixie and set aside.
👉Now in a bowl add the mango puree,sugar and lemon juice mix well and then add 2 cups of water and dilute it.
👉Adjust the flavour according to your taste preferences.
👉Serve in a glass with ice cubes.

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