Toor Dal Uthappam | Thuvaram Paruppu Dosai

Toor Dal Uthappam | Thuvaram Paruppu Dosai

Toor dal uthappam | thuvaram paruppu dosai

Toor dal uthappam is  different uthappam or dosa variety made with toor dal and idli rice.This is an instant dosa .Unlike our regular uthappams it takes hardly under a minute to cook and tastes superb. You can make crispy dosas too for that make the batter little watery.Check out how to make this yummy toor dal uthappam or thuvaram paruppu dosai recipe below.


Idli parboiled rice (idli arisi)-250 gms
Toor dal-100 gms
Fenugreek- 1 tsp
Onions-2 nos finely chopped
Ginger-1 tsp finely ​chopped
Green chillies-3 nos finely chopped
Salt to taste


👉Wash and soak the rice, dal and fenugreek seperately for 1/2 hour.
👉Grind everything together to idli batter consistency.
Add salt mix well and set aside for 1 hour.

👉Heat the dosa tawa add a laddle full of the batter and make uthappams or regular dosas , garnish with onions, ginger,green chillies ,add oil.

👉Allow it to cook on one side ,flip and cook on the other side too. (It cooks really fast so pay attention) .
👉Serve hot with onion chutney/coconut chutney​/tomato chutney.

Preparation Time-20 mins
Yeilds-15 uthappams/dosa.

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