Sweet Somasi | Sweet Somas | Karanji

Sweet Somasi |  Sweet Somas | Karanji 

Sweet Somas

Sweet somasi is a very traditional delicious crispy sweet variety made with all purpose flour,rava for crispy outer covering and a yummy and simple coconut, sugar, fried gram filling in the centre. It is a deep fried sweet. It is traditionally made during festivals like Diwali , Vinayagar chaturthi and Holi in many parts of India. It is also called somas or karanji.We use a very special shaped spoon called somasi cutter to trim the outer edges of the dough and give the perfect somasi shape or you can just fold the dough with your hands or you can use somas mould available in the market. Check out how to make traditional sweet somasi or somas recipe below.


Maida-1 cup
Chiroti rawa(very fine rawa)-1/2 cup
Ghee -2 tsps
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

For filling

Fried gram(Pottukadalai)-1/2 cup
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Sugar -1 cup
Khus khus -1 tbsp
Cardamom -1/4 tsp


👉Mix maida,rava,salt and ghee in a bowl add water little by little and make it into a soft dough,cover it in a muslin cloth set aside for 1/2 hour.Again knead dough before using.

👉Now make the filling by dry roasting the ingredients given except for sugar and powder coarsely along with sugar set aside.

👉Next take a lemon sized ball of the dough make it into thin poori shapes,place 1 tbsp of filling in the centre and close the ends.then using a somasi cutter cut the edges and remove the excess dough and set aside. Or you can use the somasi mould.
Somasi cutter


👉Using Somasi MOULD

👉Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the somasi in medium flame till you get golden brown colour and until the oil stops bubbling.
👉Remove from fire and drain the excess oil using a absorbent paper.
👉Cool and store in an airtight container.
Preparation Time-1 hour 
Yeilds-12 somasis


✍️Somasi mould is available in market you can use that too .
✍️Make sure you close the ends tightly otherwise the filling will come out in the oil.
✍️Somasi lasts for 10 days.

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