Moong Dal Ladoo | Payatham Maavu Laddu

 Moong dal ladoo | Payatham maavu laddu

moong dhal ladoo | payatham maavu laddu

Moong dal ladoo also known as payatham maavu laddu in Tamil is a traditional delicious and nutritious Indian sweet variety. This ladoo is super easy to make and can be done in a jiffy .It is an ideal recipe for beginners to try. The process of making payatham maavu laddu is relatively simple. First the moong dal is dry roasted until light golden brown colour and until it turns aromatic. Then it is powdered and sieved, to this powdered sugar ,cashews and warm ghee is added to bind everything together and rolled into ladoos. Check out how to make this yummy traditional moong dal ladoo or payatham maavu laddu recipe below.


Moong dhal-1 cup
Sugar -1 cup 
Ghee-1/2 cup
Fried gram dhal flour-1 tbsp
Cashews few


👉Dry roast the dhal until golden brown colour, cool it and grind it to a fine powder, sieve it and set aside.

👉Powder the sugar and set aside.
👉Now mix the flour and sugar together and once again sieve them for even mixing.
👉Add the cashews to the flour mixture.

👉Add warm ghee little by little to the mixture and make small lemon sized ladoos.

Makes-16 ladoos

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