Nellikai Sadam | Amla Rice | Indian Gooseberry Rice

Nellikai Sadam | Amla Rice | Indian Gooseberry Rice

Nellikai Sadam | Amla rice

 Nellikai Sadam, also known as Amla Rice, is a popular South Indian rice dish that is flavored with Indian gooseberry, also known as

Nellikai in Tamil. This dish is a favorite among South Indians, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and is typically served as a main course for lunch or dinner.

The main ingredient in Nellikai Sadam is the Indian gooseberry, which is known for its high nutritional value and medicinal properties. Indian gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for overall health.

To prepare Nellikai Sadam, the Indian gooseberry is first grated and then sautéed with tempering and mixed with cooked rice.

Nellikai Sadam is not only delicious but also a healthy meal option for those who are looking to maintain a balanced diet. The dish is low in calories and fat, making it an ideal choice for weight-conscious individuals. Additionally, the Indian gooseberry used in the recipe is known to aid in digestion, boost immunity, and promote healthy skin and hair.

This amla rice can be prepared very quickly and is an ideal lunch box recipe.

Check out how to make this yummy and nutritious nellikai Sadam recipe below.


Gooseberry (amla) -8-10 nos grated

Cooked rice -2 cups

Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Salt to taste 

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp 

Urad dal -1 tsp

Bengal gram dal -1 tsp 

Green chillies-2 -3 nos 

Red chillies-2 nos

Cashews- few (Note :you can use peanuts too)

Curry leaves -few

Coriander leaves -few

Gingelly oil -1 Tbsp 

Recipe Video 


👉Wash and grate the Amla or you can pulse it in a mixie without adding any water.

👉Cook the rice and spread it on a plate to cool down and add few drops of gingelly oil to prevent the rice from sticking to each other.(Note that the rice grains should be separate and not sticky so add water accordingly while cooking the rice).

👉Heat gingelly oil in a kadai,add mustard seeds, urad dal, Bengal gram dal, curry leaves, red chilies, green chilies and sauté well. Next add cashews and sauté until the cashews turn, light golden brown. 

👉Next add turmeric powder and sauté for few seconds then add required salt and sauté well. Now add the grated Amla or Indian gooseberry and sauté well in medium flame for about 2 to 4 minutes. 

👉Once the raw smell goes add the cooked rice mix well until everything is well combined. 

👉Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and switch off the gas. 

👉Serve.Enjoy 😋.

Preparation Time-20 minutes 

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