Black Channa Sundal | Kondaikadalai Sundal

Black Channa Sundal | Kondaikadalai Sundal

Black Channa Sundal | Kondaikadalai Sundal

Black channa sundal or Karuppu Kondaikadalai Sundal is a popular traditional Sundal variety in South India made from black chickpeas, also known as black channa or kala chana. Sundal is a type of snack that is made by cooking legumes or lentils with a variety of spices and seasoning. It is a popular snack option in South India and is often served as a snack or as prasadham at festivals like Navratri and other special occasions.

Black channa sundal is a nutritious and delicious snack that is easy to make and requires minimal ingredients. It is made by boiling black chickpeas until they are tender and then seasoning them with a mixture of spices such as mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut gratings. Some people also like to add a touch of sweetness to the sundal by adding grated coconut or jaggery to the mixture.

Black channa sundal is a healthy snack option as black chickpeas are a good source of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants and have a low glycemic index, making them a good option for those with diabetes or other conditions that require them to watch their sugar intake.

Black channa sundal is a versatile snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be served as a snack or as a side dish with a variety of main courses such as rice, roti, or paratha. It can also be packed in a lunchbox and taken on the go as it is easy to transport and does not spoil .Check out how to make black channa sundal recipe below.


Black Channa | Karuppu KondaiKadalai-1 cup
Mustard seeds-1/2 Tsp
Urud dhal- 1 Tsp 
Cumin seeds-1 Tsp 
Green chillies-2 nos finely chopped
Red chillies-1-2 nos 
Grated coconut-1-2  Tbsp
Ginger-2 inch piece finely chopped 
Curry leaves and coriander leaves few
Asafoetida-1/4 Tsp 
Salt to taste
Oil-2 Tsps


Recipe Video 


👉Wash and soak the black channa overnight.

👉Discard the soaked water use 2 cups of fresh water , add in required salt and 1/8 Tsp of asafoetida and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles, switch off the gas and allow the pressure to subside completely.

👉Drain the water and set the cooked channa aside.

👉Simultaneously heat oil in a kadai add mustard seeds, urud dhal, cumin seeds, ginger, green chillies, red chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida sauté for a few seconds.

👉Next add the cooked black channa  and mix well and continue to sauté for another 2-4 minutes.Check for salt add if needed.

👉Add grated coconut and coriander leaves ,mix well and switch off the gas.


Preparation Time-20 mins

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