Vazhaithandu Kootu | Banana Stem Kootu

 Vazhaithandu Kootu | Banana Stem Kootu 

Vazhaithandu Kootu

Vazhaithandu Kootu is a nutritious delicious and traditional Tamil Nadu style Kootu variety made with banana stem (known as Vazhaithandu in Tamil), moong dal and special coconut masala. This Vazhaithandu kootu is a fibre-rich recipe and is ideal for weight loss.

Few health benefits of banana stem are listed below :
👉Rich in fibre prevents constipation, improves bowel movement, removes toxins and helps in weight loss.
👉Regulates blood pressure as it is rich in potassium.
👉Prevents diabetes as it has a low glycemic index.
👉Prevents and cures kidney stones.
👉Relieves heartburn and acidity (when taken as juice)
👉Rich in iron and vitamin B6 thus preventing anaemia.

Check out how to make this yummy traditional and fibre-rich Vazhaithandu kootu or banana stem kootu recipe below.


Vazhaithandu/ (banana stem )-500 gms chopped (soaked in buttermilk until use)

Moong dal -75 gms (soak in water for 10 mins)

Onion -1-2  nos chopped 

Tomato -1 no chopped 

Green chilli -1 no slit

Mustard seeds -1/2 Tsp 

Urad dal -1 Tsp 

Asafoetida -1/8 Tsp 

Red chilli-1 no (broken )

Salt to taste 

Curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnish 

Grated coconut -1 -2 Tsp for garnish 

Coconut Oil-1-2 Tsps 

Grind Together -

Cumin seeds -1 Tsp 

Fennel seeds-1 Tsp 

Pepper corns -1/2 Tsp 

Red chilli -2 nos

Garlic -4-6 nos 

Grated coconut -1/2 cup

Recipe Video 


👉Cut the Vazhaithandu into small pieces and keep soaked in buttermilk until use.

👉Wash and soak the moong dal for 10 mins.

👉In a pressure cooker add the moong dal (after draining the water) then add banana stem (after draining the water), next add onion, tomato, green chilli, turmeric powder and required water just enough to completely cover the mixture . Pressure cook for 4-5 whistles switch off the gas and allow the pressure to subside completely. 

👉Open the cooker and mash the kootu lightly and again switch on the gas.

👉Add required salt and the ground masala mix well and allow the kootu to boil for 5 minutes until desired consistency. 

👉Simultaneously in a tadka pan heat coconut oil add mustard seeds, urad dal, red chilli, curry leaves and asafoetida and allow it to splutter. Add this tempering to the Vazhaithandu kootu mix well.

👉Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and freshly grated coconut. Switch off the gas.

👉Serve hot.


Preparation Time- 30 mins


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