Mango Barfi | Mango Burfi

 Mango Barfi | Mango Burfi 

Mango Barfi / Mango Burfi

Mango burfi is an indulgent way to enjoy the king of fruits during the summer season.This mango barfi is an delicious melt in mouth Indian barfi sweet or fudge made with a combination of ripened mangoes, milk, sugar, dessicated coconut and nuts of your choice.The recipe is very simple and easy to make.Check out how to make melt in mouth mango barfi recipe below.


Mango - 1 cup or 1 no big

Sugar-1/4-1/2 cup (add according to sweetness of mango)

Cardamom pods-2 nos 

Raw Milk -1 cup 

Milk powder-1/2 cup 

Dessicated Coconut-1/2 cup 

Ghee-1-2 Tbsps 

Badam, cashews,pista few

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👉In a mixie jar add sugar and cardamom pods and powder it finely.

👉To this add chopped mango and grind everything together well to a smooth paste set aside.

👉Heat 2 tsps ghee in a kadai add milk and bring to a boil next add milk powder and mix well without any lumps and allow it to thicken slightly.To this add mango paste mix well without any lumps.

👉Keep cooking in medium flame by stirring continuously until the mixture thickens a bit.

👉Now add dessicated coconut mix well.

👉Add ghee in batches.

👉Continue to cook in medium flame until the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the kadai and ghee oozes out.

👉Transfer the mixture to a greased tray or plate.

👉Using a flat ladle spread out evenly .

👉Add chopped badam and cashews on top gently press them.

👉Allow the burfi to come to room temperature.Cut into desired shapes while still warm.

👉Cover with aluminium foil or tight lid and refrigerate for minimum 2 hours or until set.Or you can leave them to set in room temperature itself but it takes a long time.

👉Store in a proper dry airtight container.Can be refrigerated for a week.

Preparation Time-30 mins

Yield-10-12 pieces


1 .Use only well ripened sweet mango.

2.If you don't have dessicated coconut dry roast some grated coconut in medium flame until all moisture is absorbed (without burning it) then use.Or you can avoid coconut completely if you don't like.

3.Cook only on low to medium flame entirely.

4.If the mangoes have lot of fibre strain them after grinding and then use.

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