Panchakhadya | Panchkhadya | Panchakajjaya

 Panchakhadya | Panchkhadya | Panchakajjaya

Panchakhadya recipe or panchkhadya

Panchakhadya or panchkhadya is a very
traditional, delicious and healthy dry prasad made during Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Maharashtra and served after aarti.It is basically made with five (panch) main ingredients hence the name.Check out how to make this famous Maharashtrian prasad panchakhadya recipe below.


Dried coconut(kopparai/koppara) -1/2 cup(roasted)

Poppy seeds (Khus Khus )-2 tsps(roasted)

Pista, Badam, cashews, dates- few roasted

Powdered rock candy sugar -1-2 Tbsps

Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp

Recipe Video


👉First dry roast the dry coconut until golden brown colour and allow it to cool a bit and powder it coarsely.

👉Next dry roast the poppy seeds,cool a bit and powder it coarsely.

👉Now dry roast the nuts and powder it coarsely.

👉Dry roast the dates separately and grind coarsely.

👉Powder the rock sugar and transfer to mixing bowl.

👉Now in a mixing bowl add all the powdered ingredients and cardamom powder mix everything well and serve.

Preparation time -15 mins


Traditionally they use dry dates(kharik in Marathi) but I didn't have that so I have used regular dates and sauteed it to remove moisture.

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