Vella Aval | Sweet Poha

Vella Aval | Sweet Poha For Krishna Janmashtami

Vella aval,sweet aval,sweet poha

Vella aval or sweet aval or sweet poha is an yummy and easy to make prasadham for Krishna jayanthi festival.
It is made with simple ingredients like aval(poha) ,jaggery and grated coconut.There are two versions of this recipe ,one is that we can just mix  all the ingredients together without cooking and the second method is done by
cooking the aval(poha) in jaggery syrup.Here I have posted the second method.Check out how to make this traditional vella aval / sweet poha recipe below.


Aval/ poha -1 cup
Jaggery -1/2-3/4 cup
Grated coconut -2 tbsps
Cardamom powder a pinch


👉Wash the aval( poha) gently and drain water completely.Add warm water just enough to soak the poha. Close with lid and set aside for 10 mins.Then drain water set the aval aside.

👉Simultaneously heat a kadai and add jaggery and 1/4 cup water to dissolve it .Mix well until the jaggery dissolves completely and bring the syrup to a boil and strain it to remove impurities.

👉Again pour the jaggery syrup in a clean kadai bring to a boil ,once the syrup thickens slightly add the cardamom powder and poha mix well.

👉Once all the moisture is absorbed add grated coconut mix well.
👉Remove from fire serve.

Preparation Time -15 mins


You can add ghee after adding poha.

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