Chilled Cucumber Soup | Cold Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber Soup | Cold Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber Soup,Cold Cucumber Soup

Chilled cucumber soup is an refreshing, nutritious and delicious creamy cold soup made with cucumber, mint and yoghurt, perfect for hot summer.No cooking required, can be made in a jiffy. There are many variations of this soup, the recipe given below is my family's favourite version of the cold cucumber soup, check out the recipe below.


Cucumber-2 nos big (peeled, seeded and chopped to big chunks)
Mint leaves-1/2 cup
Garlic-2-4 cloves
Yoghurt-1/2 cup
Milk-1/4 cup
Lemon juice-1-2 tsp or as required
Salt to taste
Pepper -1/4 tsp or as required


👉Peel and cut the cucumber lengthwise, remove the seeds using a spoon, chop into big chunks.
👉Grind all the ingredients in a blender until you get a smooth mixture.
👉Serve chilled.

Preparation Time -10 mins
Serves -4


✍️You can use ginger instead of garlic and coconut milk instead of yoghurt.
✍️You can add fresh dill leaves along with mint.
✍️If you like you can drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top of the soup before serving.

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