Vella Seedai | Sweet Seedai

Vella Seedai | Sweet Seedai

Sweet seedai | Vella seedai

Seedai is a traditional south Indian snack variety made during Krishna Jayanthi.
Sweet seedai or Vella seedai is made with processed rice flour and urad dal flour mixed with jaggery for sweetness.

Most of the beginners fear making seedai as it may burst,but don't worry if you follow the instructions correctly you will be able to do it successfully.

Points to remember-
1.The secret of seedai lies in the consistency of the dough . Homemade Processed Rice flour is the best but if you don't have time you can use store bought readymade idiyappam flour or kolukattai flour .
Just seive the ready made flour and slightly heat it in a pan before using.
Add water little by little .
2.Spread the seedai balls in a clean muslin cloth to absorb excess moisture.
3.The seedai should be slightly irregular shaped  and not perfect round.
4.It should not be pressed to a very hard ball.
5.Donot add too much butter (the seedai will disintegrate in oil ).
6.Always cook in medium flame.Cook in small batches, it takes around 10 minutes for each batch to cook completely.
7.After putting the seedai in oil don't immediately disturb it stir gently after few seconds.


Home made processed Rice flour-1 cup
Urud dhal flour-2 tbsps
White til (Ellu)-2 tsps
Jaggery-1/4 cup
Unsalted butter-1 tbsp
Oil for deep frying


👉For home made rice flour Click Here
👉Dry roast the urud dhal and powder it finely in a mixie . Seive and set aside.
👉Dissolve jaggery in water and heat it and strain to remove impurities set aside.
👉In a mixing bowl add rice flour,urud dhal flour, jaggery water,butter,til(Ellu) mix everything well and make a soft dough.

👉Now make small balls and keep it on a clean muslin cloth (to absorb moisture).
👉Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the balls in slow flame until the oil stops bubbling.

👉Drain the excess oil in a tissue paper.
👉Store in airtight container.

Preparation Time-30 minutes 

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