Kosambari | Cucumber Moong Dal Kosambari | Koshambari Salad

Kosambari | Cucumber moong dal kosambari | Koshambari 

Kosambari recipe or cucumber moongdal kosambari or koshambari

Kosambari is a simple, refreshing and traditional South Indian salad variety made with green gram dal or Bengal gram dal and tempered with green chillies,coconut etc.and mixed with veggies like cucumber or carrots.This kosambari salad is traditionally served during special occasions like Rama Navami.Kosambari is believed to be originated from Karnataka . Check out howto make this cucumber kosambari recipe below.


Cucumber-1 cup diced to small cubes
Green gram dhal-1 tbsp
Green chillies-1 finely chopped
Grated coconut-1 tbsp
Coriander leaves few
Lemon juice-1/2 lemon
Salt to taste


👉First dry roast the green gram dal,then wash and soak the dal for 1/2 hour in warm water.
👉Cook it until its 3/4 th done it should be slightly crunchy (DO NOT OVER COOK THE DHAL). Discard the excess water.
👉Now in a mixing bowl add the chopped cucumbers​,green chillies, grated coconut ,coriander leaves and cooked dhal mix well.
👉Add the salt and lemon juice finally while serving (otherwise the salad will become watery).
👉Mix well and serve.

Preparation Time-15 minutes 

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