Araikeerai Masiyal

 Araikeerai Masiyal

Araikeerai Masiyal

Araikeerai masiyal is a simple yet tasty and nutritious recipe made with green leafy vegetables especially amaranth(Araikeerai in Tamil ).Its a great way to include greens in your diet.Even kids who don't like greens will love this dish.This is a traditional Tamil Nadu recipe.


Araikeerai(Amaranth)-2 bunches
Onion-1 big diced roughly
Tomato -1 big diced roughly
Garlic-6 cloves
Green chillies-5
Tamarind-a small gooseberry sized
Salt to taste
Oil- 1 tsp


👉First cut the root of the keerai wash them thoroughly for 3- 4 times.
👉Now in a pressure cooker add onions, tomatoes, green chillies, garlic and the keerai , add just enough water and cook them for 1 whistle.
👉Release the pressure and allow it to cool, then grind to a fine paste in the mixie along with salt and tamarind.
👉Check for seasoning and adjust accordingly.
👉If you want you can temper it with the Kuzhambu thalippu vadagam if you don't have it you can just temper with mustard seeds.
👉Serve with hot rice.

Preparation time-15 mins


✍️This recipe is only suitable for ARAIKEERAI(AMARANTH) other greens doesnot taste good with this recipe.
✍️A simple potato fry is a wonderful side dish for this masial.

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