Aadi Thulluma | Thulluma Recipe

 Aadi Thulluma | Thulluma Recipe

Aadi Thulluma/Thulluma Recipe

Thulluma is a delicious healthy and traditional prasadham recipe prepared especially during the auspicious Tamil month of Aadi (July-Aug) in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the simplest and  easiest neivedhanam or Prasad made for Goddess Amman during Aadi.
Traditionally in olden days they used to pound the rice in motor and pestle called Ural in Tamil for this recipe and during the process the rice would jump while pounding which is called thullal in Tamil hence the name Thulluma (thullum maavu) for this recipe.
This Thulluma is served as prasadham along with ragi koozh ( finger millet porridge) in Temples in Tamil Nadu during Aadi.
Check out how to make traditional aadi thulluma recipe below.


Raw rice-1 cup 
Powered jaggery-1/2 cup
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp 

Recipe Video


👉Wash and soak the raw rice for 1 hour. 

👉Drain the water completely and dry in shade for 1/2 hour in clean cotton cloth.

👉The rice should have very little moisture in it(Few grains will stick to your palm).

👉Now transfer the rice to a mixie jar and powder it coarsely to slightly big rava consistency.

👉Transfer this to a bowl add cardamom powder and powdered jaggery mix everything well.


Preparation time -1 hour for soaking, 1/2 hour for drying and 10 mins for mixing.

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