Ghose Urundai | Cabbage Balls

Ghose urundai | Cabbage balls

Ghose urundai , cabbage balls

Ghose urundai or cabbage balls is an unique delicious deep fried snack variety made with a mixture cabbage paste and
special coconut masala paste.This recipe is my family's heirloom recipe and is my personal favourite. I will be honest with you that its a bit tricky to make this recipe as the urundai will be very soft to handle .So keep one important tip in mind that is DO NOT ADD WATER FOR GRINDING,if needed just sprinkle very little water and moreover first grind the coconut masala paste separately and then grind the cabbage and then mix them both.If you feel that the paste is watery add little rice flour to the mixture . If you follow these tips you can definitely make these urundai successfully 😁.Trust me friends this urundai will be absolutely delicious .It is a super accompaniment for sambar sadam,rasam sadam etc.Do try it and kindly give your feedbacks .Check out the recipe below.


Cabbage -1 medium sized chopped
Onion -2 nos chopped
Green chillies -6-8 nos
Ginger -1 inch piece
Grated coconut -1/2 cup
Roasted gram dal (pottu kadalai) -1/4 cup
Cinnamon,cloves -2 -4 each
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


1.Heat 1 tsp oil in a kadai and first saute cinnamon,cloves,ginger,green chillies,onions until translucent then saute grated coconut and gram dal for a minute.

remove from fire transfer to mixie jar cool it a bit and grind to coarse paste.
2.Now again in the same kadai saute cabbage until raw smell goes .

3.Grind the cabbage separately to a paste without adding water.
4.Now mix both the cabbage and coconut paste together add required salt.

5.Make lemon sized balls out of the mixture.

6.Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.
7.Gently drop the cabbage balls into the oil and deep fry them until golden brown colour in medium flame.

8.Drain the excess oil in a tissue paper.

9.Serve hot.

Preparation Time -45 mins
Serves -4

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