Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi pachadi


Ugadi pachadi is a quintessential traditional neivadanam made during the Telugu New year festival.It has six main ingredients which represents the emotions like happiness,sadness,fear,anger,surprise and disgust. This pachadi is made to signify that you have to balance all these emotions to lead a content life . Check out the traditional recipe for Ugadi pachadi below.


Tamarind extract-from small lemon sized tamarind  (Sour-Disgust)
Jaggery-3-4 Tbsps (Sweet-Happiness)
Salt to taste  (Saltiness-Fear)
Pepper-1 tsp  (Hot-Anger)
Neem flower buds -2 tsps ( Bitter-Sadness)
Raw mango -1-2 tbsps  (Tangy-surprise)

Recipe Video


👉Soak the tamarind in 3/4 cup water ,strain the juice and discard the pulp.
👉To this add jaggery, salt, pepper powder, neem flower buds and raw mango mix all the ingredients well.


✍️You can add chopped bananas ,grated coconut too.
✍️Instead of pepper you can add green chillies or red chilly powder.
✍️This pachadi will be in watery consistency.

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