Panchamirtham is the most important neivadanam for Lord Muruga.It is basically made with five ingredients which are considered AMRITHAM or Amrith ,they are banana (especially malai vazhaipazham also known as Hill Banana ),jaggery,honey,ghee,dates.

Did you know why panchamirtham is very famous in Palani?

Bogar siddhar was not only a divine saint but he was a very famous alchemist too. Bogar made the divine idol of Lord Muruga in palani using Navapashanam
( 9 poisons) till date nobody is able to find out what those substances are, he found out that if panchamirtham and milk are poured on the Navapashanam idol of Lord Muruga it gains lot of medicinal properties and can cure any disease.That is why till this day they make panchamirtham in Palani.


Malai vazhaipazham (Hill Banana)-5 nos mashed
Jaggery-3 tbsps(powdered)
Honey -1 tbsp
Seedless dates-5 nos chopped fine
Dry grapes - 8 nos
Sugar candy (kalkandu)-1 tsp
Ghee-1 tsp
Pachai karpooram (edible camphor)-a pinch


šŸ‘‰In a mixing bowl add the bananas mash it well.
To this add all the other ingredients mix everything well.serve.

Preparation Time-5 mins

Note -

✍️Use malai vazhaipazham (Hill banana)to get original taste,if you don't get it you can use any variety.

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